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27th-Dec-2007 09:12 am - No, i'm not dead.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Well i figure it's been somewhere around a year since i last updated this journal. Not exactly sure why i haven't i just didn't!

Christmas has come and gone as it usually does this time of year; however i must say that this Christmas will forever remain my favorite.

This was the first Christmas i spent with my WIFE. Sure we were together for last Christmas but we weren't married. Now while some of you will say that doesn't make much of a difference I think it does.

This was the year when Melanie and i started our traditions. PJ present on Christmas Eve, stocking presents christmas morning ... THEN BREAKFAST.. (i ate really fast), then your tree presents.

These little thigns will always be special to me because they were the FIRST and now they'll be like that every year.

In terms of the events themselves, well ... where to begin.

Just to give you a little history... I asked for an Xbox 360 for Christmas. No not the cheap Xbox 360 Arcade.... i had to ask for the Xbox 360 Pro that's $400 + tax

now Melanie and i decided we were spending $350 (roughly) on each other.

Now for those of you that like math you'll see an immediate problem here. I recognized that problem and said it was fine if we couldn't afford the Xbox 360 and i'd save up for it after Christmas.

I gave Melanie a list of some other things i would like and didn't think much mroe of it.

Melanie told me many time that she felt bad because she couldn't get me the present i wanted because it was too expensive. I kept telling her not to worry and that it wasn't a big deal.

I knew i would love whatever present she got for me so I was going to be happy no matter what.

So Christmas Eve finally arrives and i was super excited. I hoped Melanie would like the PJs i got for her. They weren't a set i worried that they wouldn't be the right material, the right size, (i worry alot about whether she'll like what i give her).

So we opened our PJs at 8pm. I got cute Looney Toon ones and yes i know i'm an adult and that most people think cartoons are for kids. BUT I DON'T!

Anyways, she liked her PJs and we changed into them and watched some TV.

I was super excited and could barely sit still but eventually we went to sleep.

CHRISTMAS DAY............

I woke up a little before 8 pestered my sleepy wife until she got up and we went out to our stockings.

(i got Melanie: some skin cream, cleansers, shave gel those sorts of thigns)

My stocking was filled with more awesome presents that i have yet to get a chance to go through and organize :D

so the longest breakfast ever then occured... which likely took all of 8 minutes.

TREE PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i decided i would give melanie her presents first.

here's the list.

MySims for Nintendo Wii
Crock pot recipe book
Crock pot
Conair blow dryer (i did research and it's like the "good one"
Sweater Boots
Body Butter from the Body Shop (the big strawberry one)
....there might be something else... i'm still kinda excited so my memory isn't so good yet

Anyways Melanie seemed to like her presents which was present enough for me!

But then i got to open my presents!

The first present i opened.... Doom 3....for Xbox
Now at this point i'm like uh why'd you buy me an Xbox game.... unlesssss!!!

Sure enough out comes the present from the closet!

AN XBOX 360 PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other tree presents were some classic Xbox games

so i was super excited.

We then went off to London and did 5 stops in a day and a half

it was very busy and we're Christmas'd out now!

But it was super awesome and it will always be the best christmas ever!
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